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2017 Calendar of Events

  2017 Events Calendar Ongoing Events Each Sunday - Prayer Circle               Last Sunday - Communion of Commitment Tuesdays - 10:30 AM A Course In ... [Continue Reading]

Healing Circles of Prayer

On the first Sunday of each month we offer the Healing Circle of Prayer. This circle meets in Rev. Kay's office and is immediately after service. Our Prayer Partners are available to you in the Prayer ... [Continue Reading]

Communion of Committment

Last Sunday of the month following Celebration Service Communion of Commitment is a meaningful ritual designed to bring us back into alignment with our commitment to be the Light of the Christ ... [Continue Reading]

Children of the Light Book II

They Are Here!!!!! Get your copy today!!! This is the most meaningful and enjoyable Christmas present of 2014!!! At $15 a book they are also a GREAT DEAL!!! Get your copies today at The ... [Continue Reading]

The Monday Morning Study Group

This study group listens to You Tube presentations from leading metaphysical teachers and then discusses what they heard, how it affects their lives, and ways to implement spiritual awareness on a ... [Continue Reading]

More Posts from this Category